tristen lerma.

creative / designer / illustrator / printmaker

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We are what we create. This creative journey stated when I was very young. I grew up in Bakersfield California, home of oil and Ag of the central valley. I took an interest in drawing around the age of 10. I felt free when I drew. Since then, I graduated from High School, and moved to Portland Oregon to study graphic design. I have found that my desire to create makes me feel connected to this world in some type of way. I am able to participate in culture and make an impact however I see fit.


My work has developed a dialogue of expressing my view on the world and social or political problems are apparent in our world. I enjoy working with my hands and then translating that into digital form. I have found that my work is expressive in nature and is constantly developing, shifting and molding itself. I believe that simple and to the point design is powerful. I believe that strong and well planned illustrative values can be more powerful than words themselves. I consistently use high contrast within my work and try to keep my imagery easy to bold and easy to read, yet also offering underlining meaning or thought-provoking content.


Printing and printmaking has been a consistent medium within my work. I have always found a love for flat two dimensional images. Printing has given me a way of expressing my high contrast style.


Woodblock printing is a medium that I have been developing since high school. I enjoy the unique jagged lines that are created. The offset textures that are picked up give the work a unique feel and personal touch. The perfection of imperfection is something I like to think about. Sometimes our mistakes can be beautiful, we just need to change our perspective.


Posters are for everyone. Visual communication is powerful and gets your message out quickly. I think poster design is a fun and interesting media.


My illustration work consists of hand drawing, screen-printing, and vector art. I enjoy creating high contrast images with flat colors.